Ross Davies

Good Things Take Time?

In 1988 the Coastal-North Otago United Council (CNOUC) was considering a request to move the bus terminus to the Great King Street – St Andrews Street area. The ORC finallly managed to open the bus hub in Great King Street in 2019 …

Bus Options: Back to the Future

Why worry about light-rail? Why think about trams? Who needs overhead electric lines? How about mass-transit on our existing streets and infrastructure? How about a bendy bus that is battery-electric and runs on wheels?

Bus Options: Back to the Past

Apart from running cost benefits, smaller buses would be a lot easier to manoeuvre around Diunedin’s streets. So they’d be easier to drive and we’d probably find a lot more people willing to take on the task of driving them.

Climate Crisis, Now

The Greenland ice cap isn’t a canary. It’s the mine flood alert. The mine is actually flooding. I repeat. This is not a drill. This is not something we might avoid if we actually do something between now and some future date like 2030 or 2050 …