Last Days Voting Guide Dunedin

ORC and Election

Up to yesterday, only 28% of voting papers for Dunedin voters had been returned. Which means that 3 of ever 4 haven’t. Hopefully there are still many to come. We might even struggle up to 2 out of every 5 being returned. The level of information for how and where to vote has not been good. I was still delivering leaflets on Monday which included information on where to vote.

It’s now time to forget about NZ Post…

And think big orange voting bin (until noon on Friday)…

…or Civic Centre Plaza until noon on Saturday.

And for one final reminder about the delightfully confusing ballot papers we get to deal with – what with there being radically different styles of election on the same ballot papers…

I sat down with a coffee and a blank piece of paper to help me work out my rankings for the STV elections. STV voting is a much better system, but it needs a bit of concentration. You need to get your ducks in a row, literally.

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