Operation Leaflet the City Day 5

ORC and Election
On the edge of Andersons Bay overlooking Tomahawk on a Blustery Sunday

Yesterday was the fifth day of a mission to leaflet the Dunedin constituency of the Otago Regional Council. Well 40% of it anyway. I’d wanted to alert voters to this website, for a bit of transparency and background on me. So I included the web address in my candidate profile statement that goes out in the booklet to all voters with the voting papers. It seemed like a good plan. Trouble was the Electoral Office deleted it, in error! Without telling me!

By the time I realised, the booklets were printed and it was too late. A leaflet with my website address for the entire consituency plus distribution was way out of my very limited budget. So I got enough leaflets for 40% of the letterboxes, and started last Wednesday, a couple of days before the voting papers started going out. It looked like a very big pile of leaflets…

My wife and I started the first day in our own neighbourhood, including the steepest street in the world. That day I had 1,000 m. of elevarion gain. Whanau and friends joined in over the weekend and things really got moving. Over the weekend we reached 20% of the letterboxes in the constuency, a great effort.

Yesterday was my marathon effort. I fell short of the marathon distance, but 32 kms in almost 7 hours felt like a marathon. It was a cold blustery day but with lots of letterboxes ahead it was not too hard to keep going. We won’t overcome the Electoral Office error, but we’re giving it a good go.

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