Relationship of ORC with Mana Whenua

ORC and Election

Partnering with Mana Whenua

Working with mana whenua, Kāi Tahu, is a key part of any Council triennium.
We have a treaty-based partnership embedded in the Long-term Plan 2021/31. Highlights of the work at governance level this triennium include a strengthened Mana to Mana forum, a partnership approach to the Land and Water Regional Plan and having iwi at the table for the Strategy and Planning Committee.
Also, adopting He Mahi Rau Rika, which explains the nature of the partnership in more detail and is available on our website (He Mahi Rau Rika). A partnership hui at Ōtākou Marae will be one of the newly elected Council’s first engagements following the inaugural Council meeting, which underscores the strong significance and importance of the partnership.

Otago Regional Council Pre-election Report 2022

This explains the current partnership with the mana whenua, Kāi Tahu.

Māori constituencies are possible

A number of local authorities have recently resolved to establish Māori wards or constituencies for this election and the next one. Māori wards or constituencies guarantee Māori representation on a local authority and provides Māori representation on a local authority. They also provide for Māori participation in council decision-making required under the Local Government Act 2002. The Otago Regional Council has not resolved to introduce Māori Ward(s) for this current election.

I’m looking forward to learning why the Otago Regional Council hasn’t taken this opportunity. I’d hope that the partnership can be strengthened with participation at the Council table.

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1 year ago

Ross, democracy allows for Maori representation – as it does for all races in N.Z. Everyone, regardless of their race, should be voted in (or out ) by the public.
Special rules for Maori only is racism – pure and simple

1 year ago
Reply to  colin.

Colin. There are already special rule for one race; those with white privilege. That sentence will probably send you over an edge into apocalyptic rage, but perhaps relax with some creamy milk chocolate 🍫. Look for the new Whittakers bar. The Māori wards go a little way to righting many, many broken contracts and attempts at destroying Māori through legislation and economic starvation. However, my understanding is that Kāi Tahu have asked that there are no Māori wards here for the current time. It is fair to respect their wishes and acknowledge that over 100 years of attempts to destroy them cannot be righted with wards. Ngā mihi ki a koe.

1 year ago
Reply to  colin.

There is racism already. It is called white privilege.

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