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From the Otago Daily Times 1988

Bus Hub 30 Years in the Making

From my scrapbook from the olden days…. The Coastal-North Otago United Council (CNOUC) was considering a request to move the bus terminus to the Great King Street – St Andrews Street area. The CNOUC morphed into the Otago Regional Council (ORC) the following year (1989). The ORC finallly managed to open the bus hub in Great King Street in 2019, three decades later. Is it any wonder there is frustration with how long it takes to get anything done to improve Dunedin’s bus services?

The Dunedin Stadium cost over two hundred million dollars for a covered rugby field that is used occasionally for rugby and occasionally for a music concert. It is covered to protect users from the weather. It was less than ten years from inception to completion. The Dunedin Bus Hub cost about 5 million dollar, and is used all day every day. It isn’t covered and there’s not a lot of protection from the weather. It’s a wind tunnel with no sun at some stops And it was more than thirty years from inception to completion. Did we get this wrong?

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