Climate Crisis, Now

Ideas and Opinions

You know the stuff about the canaries in the coal mines? Well this is long past the canary warnings sorry. The canaries are all dead mate. One by one they’ve snuffed it. They did their jobs and mostly we’ve ignored them. (It must really suck to be a climate scientist?)

The Greenland ice cap isn’t a canary. It’s the mine flood alert. The mine is actually flooding. I repeat. This is not a drill. This is not something we might avoid if we actually do something between now and some future date like 2030 or 2050! We’re locked into this already, now.

What we do from now on is important in terms of whether it is possible to slow this down and even turn it around eventually. And what we do from now on is vital in dealing with the consequences which are almost impossible to comprehend.

Any ideas on where we start?

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