Shooting the Messenger

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This morning’s Editorial in the Otago Daily Times (ODT) – ‘Another month, another flood’. “Connecting the dots” I thought. Actually no. With growing disbelief, I read through the Editorial to discover it’s a criticism of Metservice for not getting the weather forecasting 100%. The worry is that Metservice underestimated the severity for Nelson and overestimated it for Buller. Give me strength!

Dear Editor. The worry isn’t about whether it should have been a Red warning or an Orange one. The worry is that climate change is with us. The worry is that we’re still dreaming that there’s a date in the future where we might be able to avoid it if we actually do something. The worry is that we’re worrying about the accuracy of the weather forecasts while we’re flooding, melting, and burning. Let’s not sweat the small stuff please.

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