What the Otago Regional Council Does #1

ORC and Election

What is the role of the Otago Regional Council?

“The Regional Council’s role is concentrated on the ‘natural environment’ – water, air, land, coastal – with a long-term view to make sure these are used sustainably, and are just as available and just as good (if not better) in the future as they are today.

We also have responsibility for functions that are more appropriately carried out on a regional basis such as land transport planning, river control and land drainage, plant and animal pest control, and economic development.

In comparison, city and district councils concentrate more on the built environment and deliver services to their local communities such as drinking water, sewage and rubbish disposal, local roading, swimming pools and libraries, and deal with subdivisions.”

This from the Otago Regional Council Candidate Information for the 2022 Elections P4.

So the Otago Regional Council is an environmental organisation, focusing on the natural environment. And the Dunedin City Council is a service-delivery organisation, focused on the urban environment.

Question. Where would you expect delivery of urban bus services to sit? Can you see why it looks like it’s in the wrong place?

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